About Us

Svastir.Care is known for its excellence and experience in serving mankind globally in the healthcare domain, bringing innovation, technology research, and people together under a connected care continuum in a hybrid model.

Value & Mission

Well-being for all delivered with
Trust, Compassion, and Commitment.

What We Do?

Care for loved ones often requires the work of a team. Svastir.Care is like a coach heading the team of your care pool talents and assembling the resources to give you the care you need and at the same time support all the stakeholders with timely information.

  • Family members are on the same page as the team members.
  • Healthcare providers have a complete picture of the patient's care and a partner to administer medications and monitor progress.
  • An extensive network of professionals support family caregivers with education, advice, and reassurance.
  • Day-to-day care needs are taken care of by Svastir.Care Team.
  • Patients with specialized needs benefit from care plans designed by nationally recognized experts.

Our Care Philosophy

  • Proactive Preventive Care
  • Ongoing vs Transactional
  • Comprehensive Multi-disciplinary
  • Community Engagement Under Direct MD Supervision
  • Continuous Creation, Aggregation, Delegation, and Modification of your Care Plan
  • Personalized Health Monitoring

Excellence through Constant Learning, Feedback, and Mentoring.

The best caregivers are not born. They are trained and coached, bringing out the best in their skills and personalities. Like all professionals, they grow when they understand how they're doing. They know what behaviours to expand, what to change and how their actions impact others. This is crucial when the workplace is someone's home. Feedback comes in often from family members and colleagues. It is a vital part of Svastir.Care's integrated care philosophy. Svastir.Care caregivers receive a week of intense training on conduct, procedures and the Svastir philosophy before they take their first assignment. They get constant on-job training and containing education. We continue coaching in regular weekly feedback sessions to improve their performance. Our MD and Care Managers spend significant time reviewing the feedback and realigning the care to suit your needs. We act promptly to address issues while they are small and easy to fix. This ensures our caregivers continue building their skills and we track any change in patients and family needs.

Leadership Speaks

We are accomplished healthcare, technology and business leader with over 33 years of experience in building and managing product, technology and strategy teams, our leaders are visionary trying to build a technology led future that focuses on the wellbeing of one and all.

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