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We Manage

  • Primary Care
  • Chronic Care
  • Complex Chronic Care
  • Geriatric Care
  • Pregnancy & IVF Care
  • Hospice & Palliative Care
  • Pre-Post Operative Care
  • Preventive Care
  • Corporate Wellness

For families suffering from prolonged chronic disease

Care delivery | Care Coordination | Care Management | Care Monitoring

Managing ongoing chronic conditions is hard. It involves provider networks, provider oversights, prescription drug tiers, and more. We are in this with you. Care is not easy. We bring all care elements and the care ecosystem together in one care environment i.e. your home. We are one stop solution to manage care. You get a complete team for care nurses, therapists, pharmacy, labs, etc. all supervised by an MD.

  • We are your friend for chronic health care support 24x7
  • We are a one-stop solution provider for all your chronic care diseases
  • Expertise in chronic cardiovascular, nephrology, pulmonary, orthopedic, and other complex chronic issues
  • Our Caregiver provides care based on disease-specific standard care protocols
  • Our 3600 care with our care network partners is not only limited to monitoring but complimented with care education, care gap analysis, and solutions, care in diet planning, physiotherapy, and mental well-being
  • We provide support for all your pathology, diagnostic, medicine, ambulance, and allied needs
  • We provide complete 3600 Comprehensive Healthcare Services
  • We help reduce hospitalization, improve quality of life & greater provider engagement

Our Care Services

We are here 24x7 to the community of people for any healthcare needs for your families to handle the initial approach to a medical practitioner for advice and treatment with medication dosages.

  • Svastir on Call
  • Svastir Complete

Keeping your old parents, safe and independent requires a comprehensive 360-degree view of their living situation when you are away from them. Taking care of them along with their health, medication, and diagnostics and engaging them towards a constructive living approach through our care support.

  • Svastir On Call
  • Svastir Complete

Any chronic condition places the patient at significant risk of acute illness, functional decline, or even death. It's an absolute need for chronic care patients to have a proper comprehensive care plan, which is established and implemented, revisited, and monitored constantly to reduce fatal risks to their close ones. Our umbrella of Chronic care support helps to manage chronic care for your near ones.

  • Diabetic Care
  • Cardiac Care
  • Pulmonary Care
  • Nephrology Care
  • Stroke Care
  • Oncology Care
  • Dementia and Alzheimer's Care
  • Post-operative Orthopedic Care

Its care provided to patients for their recovery to normal or peaceful exit.

  • Pre & Post Operative Care - Depending on the patient's condition, post-operation or post-hospitalization constant care is required which cannot be provided by family members to put your family member back to normal life. It is here Svastir Care team of healthcare providers helps.
  • Hospice & Palliative Care - Palliative care serves as the end-of-life solution for patients facing serious illnesses such as oncology, cardiovascular problems, neurological and cerebral disorders, nephrological and dialysis issues, multi-organ failure, and sepsis, among others. We under hospice care provide comprehensive comfort care for patients in their final stages of life, with additional support offered to their families coping with terminal illnesses.

Getting prepared to bring a new member to the world needs lots of care and patterned support with a 360-degree approach. Svastir. Care team wellness and total care support and guidance help to achieve the healthy goal.

Healthy employees are the foundation of any organization. Wellness, be it mental or physical, helps people find meaning in their lives, which leads to better productivity and engagement at work. Investing in employee wellness programs on a regular basis can help prevent health problems, which benefits everyone involved. Investing in employee wellness programs is a smart way to improve the health and productivity of your workforce. It also establishes the fact that you care about their well-being.

  • Preventive Care
  • Primary Care (Gold / Silver/ Platinum)

Components of Our Care Programs

MD-based care management

Disease-specific care protocol

3600 care plans with daily activity assistance

Network of specialist doctors, caregivers & nurses

Dietician, mental wellness, occupational therapist & physiotherapist

Medication management and therapy

In-home monitoring platform & diagnosis

Care resources/ education & patient engagement

Connecting entire care community Patient, Family, Volunteers

Patient Benefits

Blissful living with 24/7 access to MD clinical care, support for daily activities, companionship, and education. Medicine management, therapy management, and support services under one umbrella. By simplifying complex care processes and a multitude of providers, you are never left alone or unattended.

Providing Primary, Chronic, Complex chronic, and post-hospitalization care at home for your near ones.

No waiting time and no travel time to reach the doctor's clinic.

Health record, prescription, and diagnostic report documentation for convenience.

Monitoring patients even if the guardian of the patient is in another city and country in real-time.

Connecting with healthcare resources and the healthcare community.

The benefit of a payer network wherever applicable.

Integrating Community Resources & Connect

Care in the Home environment is a good choice for your family for numerous reasons. It supports the patient's engagement in daily care activities both familiar and important and lets you harness the community resources to deliver the most affordable care. We build a care plan that allows you to remain a viable, contributing member of the communities we share.

Our innovations integrate community resources into the care plan of your loved ones- social agencies, volunteer networks, associations, and councils- each offering a unique service that you might like to access.

We are local to your area so we know the region and the local benefits we can bring to you, whether it's medicine, companionship, or doctor's appointments. Svastir.Care assures contact with important people and places instead of social isolation.

Questions which keep pondering your mind?

Did my mother take the right medicine at the right time? How will I keep track of that?

Is my mom really safe at home at her age?

Is my dad developing any condition that I need to know about?

My mother's pressure fluctuates constantly. How will I keep track of her vitals?

Our Provider Team

Dr. Malay Kumar Dutta

Business Development Manager

Mrs. Snigdha Roy

Nursing Coordinator

Language We Speak

We are Multicultural and work with the local culture.

Our Care App Features

Care Experience

Svastir.Care team has been working globally in managed care and value-based care (VBC) programs since 2009 (before VBC was a thing!). We know what it takes to be ahead of the curve and leverage new programs without disrupting your current workflow or burdening your in-office staff.

Case Study on Primary Care Testimonial

Anil Sharma, a Client facing many care transitions, gets a complete care plan and counseling on care choices and costs

Anil has CHF, diabetes and arthritis. He has 10 different physicians and has been hospitalized three times over the past six months. He admits to not knowing how to take his medications and to falling 2-3 times recently. He was discharged two weeks ago and has many in-home services but no focused care plan. His family is concerned about his ability to live alone. Anil is worried about his insurance and how to pay for care.

How the Svastir.Care helped:
  • Ensured all physicians had the same information
  • Set up a workable medication management system
  • Found a homecare company with telehealth services
  • Counseled him and his family on care options and costs

Neena Gupta, a client with multiple chronic conditions, multiple physicians, and providers, gets expert care management.

Seventy-two-year-old Neena Gupta saw a different physician every other week with each one ordering different medications, or changing individual treatment plans. Neena became confused and concerned about the cost of her medications, so she just stopped taking some of her medications and missed many key physician appointments.

How the Svastir.Care helped:
  • Contacted all her physicians.
  • Facilitated changing to less expensive medications.
  • Set up a care management system.
  • Retained a caregiver to assist with meals

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