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A Simple and Safe Support Solution For All

It's About Hope, Not Fear. And It's About Time !

A financially sensible alterative to move to an institutional residential care facility.

A safe and secure way to age with ease, intelligence and dignity at home at a fraction of the cost.

A connected, empowered family and care team supporting you as much or as little as you need.

Build connections to the whole community, to keep informed, visit or be entertained-have fun!

Look at it this way: somebody’s got to look after your health as you grow older, pay the bills, take out the trash. But the reason to live is to laugh with the grandkids or at the cat, share a conversation with a friend, get a hug, or simply feel the warm sun on your face. That is the focus of full Svastir.Care. Attend to the basics, but make you relax and have fun at the same time. See below how we accomplish miracles...

Care Delivery

  • A fully integrated care team of doctors, nurses, your personal support 'Friend' fitness coach, social worker, and medical assistant often helps meet your goals. Your entire care team is available online always.
  • Unique Virtual & Hybrid Approach: Video house calls from your doctor or angel/ nurse. Schedule visits and connect with your physician for short-notice concerns. Svastir Care on Call allows vital signs to be regularly monitored in context and ensures medications are taken properly.
  • Wellness is made a priority.
  • Pharmacy management, and medicine for medical advice.
  • Ambulance and lab assistance as needed.

Care Education

  • Provides tools like webinars, video seminars, educational videos, documents, websites and blogs that educate caregivers, family members and patients. This keeps you updated with new aging-at-home tools, tips, and information.

Care Technology

  • Svastir.Care technology platform that integrated all the functions. It brings your life care together with state-of-art yet easy-use digital devices.

Care Community

  • Social connections to the whole community are a unique 'circle of caring' ecosystem of family, friends, volunteers, community service organizations and local service providers. Everyone important to you: a dear neighbors, or a child living far away can now be involved in your life.

Care Monitoring

  • Video monitoring-unobtrusive monitoring to ensure safety and regular life activities.
  • Checking your vital Signs and medication management. Frequent Phone Contact an as needed basis.

Medical Record

  • A secure, vault for your medical records and important documents like your will.
  • Support and supervision, entertainment and education's provided magically through the tap of your finger.

Care Store

  • Brings you access to routine medical supplies for wound care, diabetic care, assistive devices and other daily resources of reliable brands and products. Upcoming soon at a deeply discounted price.

Our Care Journey

We connect with caregiving resources, and experts to create a sustainable support system.

This is our Ongoing Care Circle. This is our daily, weekly, or monthly ongoing care depending on the care equity.


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