ONGOING Care PrograM

Svastir On Call

For Members with Singular or Lite Chronic Need Requiring Weekly/ Monthly care

Svastir Complete

For member with multiple chronic condition requiring dailly/ weekly Intense Care

  • 24*7 MD doctor supervision On-call.
  • Professional Patient Coordination for medicine, lab diagnostics tests, specialized Doctors, and other health occupational with medicine management, and therapy supervision.
  • Access to Network of certified Home Care Professionals.
  • Address any ongoing, recurring, and immediate health issues.
  • Integrated Electronic Healthcare (EHR) Documentation so all information in your finger tip.
  • In-depth about two-hour extensive virtual/hybrid/home consultation and full-blown patient intake inclusive of screening, symptoms intake, and vitals.
  • Build to follow care plan based on screening with SOAP notes and recommendations.
  • Report-based Final Chart Review after complete information and recommendations with all provider ecosystems about the patient case.
  • Recommendations with suggested on Basic Emergency Plan based on Care Plan & SOAP note.
  • Ongoing Care coordination activity for the patient as per recommendation, schedules, and monitoring.
  • Establish the patient-specific care community.
  • Care Coordinator / Nurse evaluation activity for the patient as per need - home/virtual / hybrid.
  • Care plan review and emergency intervention as per patient needs and continuous evaluation.
  • Home sample collection twice for lab tests. (test charge as per rates)
  • Continuous monitoring of vitals as per MD recommendations - Devices as per advice and requirement and one-time onboarding charges.
  • Streamlined communication to keep family & friends in the loop & on board with the patient's current health status through calls, messages, and emails.
  • Upto 15% discounted ecosystem for Svastir Complete Members.
  • Dedicated Nurse case manager coordaining day to day care under MD supervision.
  • 24/7 Emergency planning and support network, Assistance with hospitalization.

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