Back-office Control with the Tech Team


We Assign dedicated technical resources responsible for managing and administering the EMR system. This includes activities such as system configuration, user access management, data backups, system updates, and resolving technical issues.

We Ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to protect patient data within the EMR system. This includes implementing access controls, encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security assessments. Adhere to relevant privacy regulations such as HIPAA (in the United States) or GDPR (in the European Union).

We work closely with the tech team to integrate the EMR system and with other relevant systems, such as laboratory information systems, pharmacy systems, or billing systems. This facilitates seamless data exchange and ensures efficient back-office workflows

Our team monitors the performance of the EMR system to identify and address any issues that may impact its efficiency. This involves monitoring system response times, database performance, and overall system utilization. Optimize system configurations and database indexes to enhance performance

Establish robust data backup procedures to protect against data loss or system failures. Regularly back up the EMR system data and test the restoration process. We also have disaster recovery plans in place to ensure business continuity in the event of a system outage or natural disaster.

We Provide ongoing user support and training to the back office staff who interact with the EMR system. This helps ensure that they are familiar with the system's functionalities, understand best practices, and can effectively use the EMR to perform their tasks.

Coordinate with the tech team to plan and execute system upgrades or enhancements to the EMR software. This may involve testing new features, evaluating compatibility with other systems, and managing the deployment process to minimize disruption to back-office operations.

We work closely with our tech team to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. This includes conducting regular internal audits, reviewing system logs, and implementing controls to protect against unauthorized access or data breaches.

We are able to implement effective change management processes to handle system updates, configuration changes, or software patches. This involves assessing the impact of changes, communicating with stakeholders, and ensuring proper testing and validation before deploying changes into the production environment.

We foster effective collaboration and communication between the back office and tech teams. Regular meetings, feedback loops, and open lines of communication facilitate the resolution of technical issues, address user concerns, and ensure a smooth operation of the EMR system.

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Case Study

Anil Sharma, a Client facing many care transitions, gets a complete care plan and counseling on care choices and costs

Anil has CHF, diabetes and arthritis. He has 10 different physicians and has been hospitalized three times over the past six months. He admits to not knowing how to take his medications and to falling 2-3 times recently. He was discharged two weeks ago and has many in-home services but no focused care plan. His family is concerned about his ability to live alone. Anil is worried about his insurance and how to pay for care.

How the Svastir.Care helped:
  • Ensured all physicians had the same information
  • Set up a workable medication management system
  • Found a homecare company with telehealth services
  • Counseled him and his family on care options and costs

Neena Gupta, a client with multiple chronic conditions, multiple physicians, and providers, gets expert care management.

Seventy-two-year-old Neena Gupta saw a different physician every other week with each one ordering different medications, or changing individual treatment plans. Neena became confused and concerned about the cost of her medications, so she just stopped taking some of her medications and missed many key physician appointments.

How the Svastir.Care helped:
  • Contacted all her physicians.
  • Facilitated changing to less expensive medications.
  • Set up a care management system.
  • Retained a caregiver to assist with meals

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