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Svastir Bhavatu is a Sanskrit word that means " Praying for happiness, peace, love, harmony & perfection for the whole world"

We Offer Value Based Care

How Svastir.Care offers value based care?
What is value based care?

We provide healthcare in the comfort of home environment. Our value-based care uses tech & data to provide high-quality healthcare outside traditional settings, emphasizing value-based & remote care concepts.

Svastir.Care Services for Patients

Svastir.Care Seamless Features

Established Virtual Care Network

Delivers Hybrid Care to Cross Country Patient Population

Coordinates Remote Workforce

Delivers Across Care Continuum

Launched Innovations From 2015 To onwards

Multiple and Customized Payment Options

Ai Based Reports and Actionable Analytics

Patient Engagement

Empower Patients and Care Community

Enable the care network (clinical team, caregivers, family, community) and improve care recipient

Facilitate multi-modal communication

Engage across Web, App, Watch, iOS, Android, Alexa, and G-Home. Communicate through secure talk, text, and video.

Manage Care Across the Continuum

Connect ecosystem - patients providers, families, communities, populations, system, EMRs, Devices RPM Tools

How Do We Work?

Svastir.Care Process
Step 1

Patient Registration on Svastir.Care Web Portal/Mobile App

Step 2

Svastir.Care Team performs Outreach For Enrollment

Step 3

Patients are signed up into our Care program

Step 4

Svastir.Care Keeps all needed documentation

Step 5

Svastir.Care team monitors and engages patients

Step 6

Svastir.Care Submits claims through integration

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We Offer Value Based Care

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